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学院在搞好专业教育的同时,积极开展公共艺术教育,繁荣校园文化。共开设公共艺术教育课程30余门次,举办“文化艺术讲堂”43期。在第三、第四届、第五届大学生艺术展演活动中,共获奖项132项,其中国家级8项,省级124项,46名教师被评为“优秀指导教师”,pt老虎机荣获国家级“优秀组织奖”和省级“精神风貌奖”。 2016年全省普通本科高校公共艺术教育评估中pt老虎机被评为一类学校。

近年来,学院先后获得省高校系统“先进基层党组织”、“河南省五四红旗团委”,校级“文明单位”、“五四红旗团委”、“学生工作先进单位”、“就业工作优秀单位”、“工会工作先进集体”、 全国大学生暑期“三下乡”社会实践“优秀团队”和河南省“社会实践先进营队”等荣誉称号,“解读红色经典”特色党课获得校级党建优秀品牌。


Profile of College of Fine Arts

Specialty of Fine Art in our college enrolled new students in 1993, Department of Arts wasestablished in 1995, college of Fine Arts was established in 2001 and enrolled master of educationin 2013, obtained a full-time master of art licensing point in 2018.

College of Fine Art contains three Depar tments of Painting, Arts Design, Music and Dancing.There are eight undergr aduate majors, twelve training directions for Advance Applications SpecialPersons, eleven education teaching and research sections and six Training rooms. There are 1224Full-time students in the college. The college of Fine Arts is Training base of Culture ref ormin Henan province , Specialty of Fine Art is the specialty of compr ehensive ref orm experimentalpilot in provincial level and characteristic specialty in school level. Specialty Teaching Gr oupof Fine Arts is Teaching Group in school 1evel. Subject of Fine Arts is Key and First classdiscipline in schoo1 1eve1. Relying on the college of Fine Arts, there are HIST Purple StarAxrt Group and HIST Painting and Calligr aphy Association .

Now, there are str engthening the connotation construction comprehensively, promoting all- roundand healthy development of the cause in the college. There are 76 teaching and administrativestaffs in the college. Many famous experts in abroad or here have been employed as visitingprofessors.

According to development of the college, teaching quality was pr omoted steadily. Gr aduationhas gained good favourable reports in society.

Recently, students got provincial level prizes more than 260 in various level matches.Employment rate of students is more than 96%. + Fine Arts College carried out public art education actively and thrive campus cul ture. Continueto hold art activities of Forum of Culture and Art more than 30times and Great beauty inthe Folk more than 43 times. More than 132 prizes have been got in No.3, No. 4 and No.5 studentsArts Show, among these prizes, 8 National prizes and 124 provincial level prizes are got. 46teachers have been voted Excellent gui dance teachers , Our university got National ExcellenceOrganization Award and Provincial Spiritual Civilization Award. The first prize has beengot in Under graduate Evaluation of Public Art Education in Colleges and Universities in 2016.

These honorary titles of Provincial Advanced Party Organization , Civilized Unit inUniversity, « Advanced Unit of Student Work , Advanced Youth League Committee ,« AdvancedUnit of Employment Work for Students, . Advanced Unit of Labor Union Work and « ProvincialClass A College in Public Art Education have been hold.

These fine traditions of Find truth, pragmatic, devote to work, dedication and spiritsof Work hard and perseveringly, self- reliance wi thout rest would be kept continuously toref orm and innovation, forge ahead. We will do our best to build Fine Art College to become teachingand research College which have distinctive features, popularity and reputation inside andoutside the province.

Contacts: Mr. Zheng, Ms. Shi, Mr. Fan+Tel.0373-3040327

Address: No. 11 Building, Institute of Henan Sciences and Technology, Hualan Road, Xinxi angcity, Henan province.

Zip code:4530034